Our Story




Aiai Zhang is the freelance artist and designer behind Breezy Bird Studio who creates artwork using beautiful soft watercolours, mixed media & design softwares. Inspired by nature, its movement and colours, her contemporary style brings this beauty into homes everywhere. Finding that 'perfect' colour saturation to illustrate each character and setting is Aiai’s pièce de résistance. When Aiai is not creating, she loves sipping tea, enjoying quality time with her family and friends or heading outdoors for inspirations. Blooming flowers, chirpy birds, waving leaves and pink clouds tick her happy box! 

Since 2016 when Breezy Bird Studio was established, Aiai has developed a wide selection of products including art prints, stationery and homeware decors. Her further studies in surface pattern design has also made her vision of seeing her art on various products into reality. Her cohesive collections are built from beautifully hand-painted art elements from her heart and imagination. Aiai's sharp eye for colour has enabled her signature style to shine through carefully constructed designs. They will surely leave an impression on anyone who loves colour and originality.