Our Story

Aiai Zhang is the artist behind Breezy Bird Studio, who creates artwork with beautiful soft watercolours and mixed media. Inspired by nature, her contemporary art brings this beauty to people's homes. 

Aiai's favourite aspect is working with different colour palettes. Finding the perfect colour saturation in her works brings out the character of each subject.

Aiai lives in the leafy northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia with her husband and son. She has loved art from a young age, spending a lot of childhood in her grandfather's studio who was a Chinese painter and calligrapher. 

Life has its twists and turns. After graduating with a commerce degree from Sydney University in 2007, Aiai worked in corporate finance till 2015, when she re-discovered her passion for painting. "Immediately in that moment, I knew in my heart where I belong". 

Birds were her first inspiration and hence the name of her business. Their chirping reminds Aiai to ‘live in the moment and be free’. She creates to replicate this feeling into her paintings to connect people to the joy of nature.